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God has blessed me and D with probably the greatest group of people ever.

Friends and family have all ready reached out, offering all sorts of help. We definitely don’t feel like we are anything special, but these folks do. It makes me tear up from time to time. Seriously. Even though I have the dossier and see how much work there is left to do, my attitude is not one of “ugh…”it’s truly that of “okay, so it’s work, let’s get to it!”

(Well, tonight there were a lot of “oh wow”s, “okay”s and “aah, jeez”s.)

But with the love of our friends and families and God’s hand on our backs, we are kept on a steady course. We are keeping our eyes open and really stepping out on faith. This vision is bigger than ourselves and I’m so excited to see what we have in store. Scared? No more than any soon-to-be-parent, I suspect. I’d say I’m just thankful that we are on this journey and for the work in the vineyard. I’m happy I have a partner like D to help me, so I lump him into this Love Thursday post.

That and he’s awfully cute.