Love Thursday

Bloggin’ is hard!

IT IS! I’ll be honest. I blog on myspace all the time and have done so for the past year and some change.

But here? I feel like I can barely speak English! I haven’t found my voice yet. I want this to be about our adoption but at the same time, I don’t want the adoption to define us. I just don’t. There are too many wonderful things about D and I and aaaaaall our family and friends for that to be the only reason why you read. I want to comment on it all. It’s who I am. I’m a fairly open person in real life….almost to a fault. So I realized tonight, this blog is going to become more than just about one facet of our lives, but of the many facets…

I guess on the “road worth traveling”, realizations only help get you to where you are going. They help you grow and learn. It’s like when my dad would say I shouldn’t do something because I would get hurt. Then I would get hurt and only then, I would REALIZE he was right. I shouldn’t have ridden my bike so fast around the cul de sac! I fell an skint my knee! (that’s suthin’ talk, btw.) Or when he would tell me to get off the phone with my bff L. because I had plenty of homework to do and I would regret staying up so late to get it done.

After years of regretting “less than stellar” grades…I REALIZED he was right…LEARN and KNOW your limits, girl! I could go on all night. And I’m certain he could tell his own stories too.

So, this “Love Thursday” is really giving props to realizations, growing up and my Daddy. (oooo-didn’t see that one coming, did ya?) I love the fact I was raised to be aware and to realize what’s what. And on the brink of becoming a parent, I hold his honesty and teachings to a different level. I realize now, after almost 30 years, that he MAY have been on to something. 😉 I realize that even though this child won’t be of my biology, that I’m still going to be challenged, hated, loved, embarrassed, proud and God only knows what else . Maybe even more so; who knows. Quite frankly, I’m sitting here reeling in the fact that he’s taught me so much more than he could ever know, understand, or (dare I say it) realize.

I may not be a sports nut, or a huge fan of cleaning, but I still consider myself a “daddy’s girl” because he loves me so. His love transcends the material haves and have-nots. This I know when he hugs me and when he calls out of the blue.

And I love him so much too.

I want you to know that. I love my Daddy so much.

peace & love,


The other day I was going to blog that nothing new was happening, that as usual, we were just in “Wait Mode”. Our biggest “waits” are notarized documents and our fingerprint appointment for USCIS. (Speaking of, I should probably post a glossary at some point. I’ll add it to my list of things to do.)

I digress…so today we received our appointment letters in the mail! yippee! We have to report to Charlotte in 1 week. So, another day to take off work. My vacation time is quickly dwindling and I haven’t been on vacation yet. Well, we went on vacation by in May, but still!

It’s nice to get these little surprises whilst we wait.

In other news, we are working on our adoption fund raising plans. Some folks in the adoption world get awfully twisted when it comes to “raising money” for adoption. But I’m not going to get on that soapbox, quite frankly, because it’s no fun trying to “argue” with someone in cyberspace. Especially when you don’t know their motivations for questioning your motivations. make sense? LOL….hope so. Sometimes my train of thought jumps the track.

Anyway, my very sweet sis-in-law and her husband are hosting a dinner for our family and friends in a couple of weeks. The out-pouring of support has been awesome. We are hoping to get another dinner together for our church family as most of them live in a different town. I’m really excited about both events, because I love, love, love being social. Especially when I get a chance to hang out with the people I sincerely love and adore. All the facets of my diamond life!

God has blessed me and D with probably the greatest group of people ever.

Friends and family have all ready reached out, offering all sorts of help. We definitely don’t feel like we are anything special, but these folks do. It makes me tear up from time to time. Seriously. Even though I have the dossier and see how much work there is left to do, my attitude is not one of “ugh…”it’s truly that of “okay, so it’s work, let’s get to it!”

(Well, tonight there were a lot of “oh wow”s, “okay”s and “aah, jeez”s.)

But with the love of our friends and families and God’s hand on our backs, we are kept on a steady course. We are keeping our eyes open and really stepping out on faith. This vision is bigger than ourselves and I’m so excited to see what we have in store. Scared? No more than any soon-to-be-parent, I suspect. I’d say I’m just thankful that we are on this journey and for the work in the vineyard. I’m happy I have a partner like D to help me, so I lump him into this Love Thursday post.

That and he’s awfully cute.