We are Vea and Daniel. We hail from Durham, the Bull City, Tobacco Road, the “Dirty D” (though this has never been my favorite nickname.)

We brought our son (E) from Vietnam in 2008 and are now officially matched to sweet cheeks (EM) in China.

This is our story.


3 Responses to “The 411”

  1. Kristine Says:

    I don’t have your password but I imagine but your last post that you have i-600 approval and will be traveling soon. I wanted to say congratulations. I have been following your titles alone. I am adopting from Vietnam also we asked for either gender and got a girl and have handed in our i-600 about 2 weeks ago so our wait is just begining. if you don’t mind can you e-mail me your wait time. I think you waited like 20 business days if I was interpretting that correctly. Thanks, Kristine

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I am Laura’s friend Cheryl. She gave me your blog, but not a password. I imagine from the title of your last post, that you have gotten your baby! Please tell Laura and Jeff that we thinking of them! I hope that all is going well.

    We are sending lots of love and prayers your way!

  3. Leslie Says:

    Hi Parent-People!
    I have tried to read-up on how everything is going, but password is not working. I am so sad. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Travel safe!

    Love, Leslie

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