ya know…moms of all types are frikkin’ awesome. dads of all types are frikkin’ awesome. Stay at home moms are the deal, yeah, I get that. As a sensible feminist, I have some 35 year old feelings about this. There are some pretty righteous stay-at-home dads who get even less props, so, there’s that. I’m sick of the blogs whining about the lady-folk who don’t get their props. There are plenty more that whine that working moms don’t get props, either. For me, I would love to stay at home and raise my children and “really work”-because my job is a job, it pays bills. I have very close friends who do what I long to do and they long to have my day-to-day. A real “grass is greener” situation, no?  You live and learn and you only get one shot, right? Every individual makes choices and every choice can be met with a different solution. 

Why not say…if you are caring for children, in any capacity, you are doing what you are supposed to. Let’s quit perpetuating this madness of “mommy-wars”. You birthed children, you adopted children. You took on a responsibility and it’s your job to take care of them. I’m not going to compare either of the tasks because at the end of the day-especially a sick day, we’re all cleaning up vomit from a sick child and doing an extra three loads of laundry. We ALL signed up for ALL of that. Make the best of it, because your kid is only going to be your kid for about a half a second longer. There are many who can’t, many who won’t, and a helluva lot who just don’t. I don’t need to give anyone a standing ovation for doing what they are supposed to do, however they need to do it. Just don’t f-up your kid. No shame. No Guilt. It is what it is. Take a deep breath and look for ways to help each other.

Let’s take suggestions and have a real conversation on how we CAN HELP EACH OTHER, rather than tear each other down and put one another on pedestals. It’s stupid and gets no one, anywhere, fast. 

We’re all in this together. WE’RE RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION OF NIGHT-TIME TELE FANS who will hang out on social media and grouse about how their mothers did it wrong and their grandmas did it right.